Are you ready for a dive?? These are the most beautiful and magnificent beaches in the Ionian sea, that you have to visit during summer.


Summer, sun, sea, swimming, words that are connected, words that bring to our minds vacations and relaxation on the beach. Greece has plenty of sun and beaches thus the travelers have many choices! Travels4ever has chosen the most beautiful beaches of the Ionian sea. Beaches that are known for their natural beauty and the crystal waters, beaches that are selected and preferred by the tourists. Some of them are famous around the world and some other less known. However all of them will repay you by offering you moments of relaxation and many, many dives. So lets see which are they:

1. Porto Katsiki – Lefkada

There is no person that has traveled to the beautiful island of Lefkada without having visited the Porto Katsiki. It is one of the most famous beaches, that rocks you with its natural, wild beauty and the blue waters. The rocks rise high above the sea, creating an impressive scenery. The part of the beach is relatively small, however that doesn’t pose a problem for tourists who are gathered by the dozen, in order to enjoy swimming. Quite often there are lots of waves, that don’t prevent the bold ones to take a dive in the clean sea. Its is truly a piece of paradise in the Ionian sea.

Porto Katsiki, Leukada

2. Voutoumi – Antipaxoi

Hidden in the small island of Antipaxoi, the Voutoumi beach is simply a dream. There is absolutely no chance that you won’t love it or you won’t be excited, while swimming in the blue, clean and crystal clear waters. The sailing boats and the rest of the ships seem like they hover as they float on the water. The sea combined with the all-green nature, creates a result that will remind you of an exotic destination. Take the boats that sail daily ( 20 Euros per person ) to Antopaxoi and get ready to dive from the deck.

Voutoumi- antipaxoi

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3. Blue Lagoon (Piscina) – Sivota

The town of Sivota is on of the most famous destinations in the Ionian region. This is reasonable considering the big number of beaches and the clean sea. The blue lagoon, also known as Piscina ( swimming pool ) is the best known among all. Indeed the beach justifies its name and you will understand why by visiting it. The blue and green waters are so clear and clean that resemble to those of a swimming pool in a luxury hotel. You can reach the beach only by taking one of the many boats that depart from Sivota.

Pisina- Syvota

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4. Navagio – Zakynthos

What can anybody say for the unique beach of the Navagio in Zakynthos. The photo speaks for itself and the words are unnecessary, when we refer to one of the most famous beaches in the whole world. You can go only by boat or by…… parachute, like many extreme sports enthusiasts do. The scenery is breathtaking and the memories from the beach will always be marked deeply in your mind. Lie down by the shadow of the wrecked ship, on the white, thin sand and feel how heaven tastes.

Ναυάγιο, Ζάκυνθος

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5. Mirtos – Kefalonia

One more beach that gained tremendous fame, not only because of its natural beauty but also from the fact that there were shot scenes from Nicolas Cage’s movie, ” The mandolin of captain Corelli. It is a big shore with small pebbles, that is combined impressively with the green of the landscape and the blue of the sea. From high above, as you descent, the view of the beach is breathtaking.

Mirtos- Kefalonia

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6. Channel of love ( Canal d’amur ) – Corfu

Canal d’amur, channel of love is the name of the next beach in our list. A beach that calls you to swim, to sunbath, to fall in love! The waves and the wind have carved, through time, the fragile sandstone rocks, creating a scenery of unique natural beauty. It is one of the most known beaches in Corfu and attracts crowds of tourists that go swimming in the turquoise waters. It is a relatively small beach, unorganized, so make sure you take an umbrella and mats with you and go early enough so that you find a spot .

Canal d' amur, kerkyra

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7. Alonaki – Preveza

Only a few people know the beach of Alonaki! Most of those that go to Preveza, choose the more known beach of Vrachos. However Alonaki is a small heaven! It is located near the beach ” Cove of Ulysses” with which, until a certain point, share the same road. The waters and the landscape around the shore seem tropical and the blue-green water are crystal clear. The are no any sunbeds, thus you must go there well prepared to avoid the sun while lying on the thin sand. The rocky formation that stands a few meters from the shore is a local landmark and many people swim all the way to its direction.

Alonaki preveza

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8. Foki – Kefalonia

On the north of Kefalonia, not far away from the village of Fiscardo, is located the lovely beach of Foki. It took its name from the Mediterranean seals Monachus Monachus ( φώκια = seal in greek ) that regularly visit it. The area is covered by a dense all-green forest with olive trees, pines and cypresses that grow almost all the way to the edge of the shore. It is a relatively small cove, where the sea is usually serene. If you are lucky enough you might even see a seal swimming in the area.

Foki kefalonia

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Bonus Beach

Egremnoi – Lefkada

I have to refer to another beach, one of  the best in the Ioanian sea, that sadly suffered a tremendous disaster after the earthquake that struck Lefkada, You can’t reach it on foot anymore and the only way to get there is by boat. However it is still not considered safe to be visited. Sooner or later nature will make things right and then we will enjoy swimming in the amazing blue waters and we will feel again the white, thin sand.

Egkremnoi beach, Leukada

Of course there are many more beaches in the Ionian sea that await you. These are just the ones i consider as the most beautiful. So let go to the beaches!! The Ionian sea awaits you and the summer is expected to be hot! No matter which beach you visit, one thing is for sure! You will be pleasant by your vacations and you will enjoy swimming! Come on, go for a dive…..

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